What is the Fellowship Council & why is it important?

Una Voce Miami’s (UVM) Fellowship Council is important because its members work in service to our archdiocesan community promoting love for the Traditional Latin Mass, traditional sacramental rites, and the Church’s beautiful Gregorian chant. Fellowship Council members are Una Voce Miami’s ambassadors to the parishes of our archdiocese. They form and maintain close communication and relationships with the ministry leaders of parishes interested in providing the Traditional Latin Mass to their members.

The Council serves as an advisory board to our organization and counsels UVM whenever needed. Fellowship Council members track and evaluate our progress, discern what we as an organization should be doing, and suggest new ideas and projects. Most importantly Fellowship Council members support our organization’s Mission and Vision Statements.

Fellowship Council members are individuals of faith who are capable of leading fellow Catholics throughout the archdiocese in the discernment, expression, and fulfillment of UVM’s mission and vision. Ideally, they are people of vision, open to the workings of the Holy Spirit in and through themselves, while having a deep respect and openness for the workings of the Spirit in others.

The Fellowship Council is set at a predefined membership level, with council terms lasting three years. Each year approximately four members “retire” from the council and are replaced by new members. Understanding the governing assumptions, goals, and objectives of the Council and role of discernment will help in identifying individuals who may be interested in serving on the Council. The Fellowship Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.

The Fellowship Council wants to hear from you!

It’s really easy to get a hold of a Fellowship Council member. Just e-mail us at Share with us your questions, comments, or concerns and be sure to include your contact information. We will review them at the next monthly meeting and get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!


What is the Finance Council & why is it important?

Una Voce Miami’s (UVM) Finance Council is established by the authority of our Bylaws and help’s prepare UVM’s Annual Budget, financial reports, and any other financial matter. The Council also prepares and executes an Annual Fundraising Plan to generate the funds necessary for our organization to implement our Annual Work Plan.

The Council consists of our president and a maximum of five members and no less than three. The Council advises and assists Una Voce Miami in all the financial matters of the organization.

The president appoints members to the Finance Council who may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms. Expertise in accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, planning, and management is essential for members of the Council. The Constitution of the Finance Council describes the standards and requirements for membership and outlines member responsibilities. If you have experience in the area of Finance, please consider being a member of UVM’s Finance Council. We need your time and talents.

>>> The Mass of Tradition is the Mass of All Times;
it’s the Mass of the Present and the Future! <<

For interviews, comments, or to belong, please contact us at:

San Antonio Maria Claret Chapter
POB 350372 | Jose Marti Station | Miami, FL 33135

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