Pivarunas, Mark 01 detImposter “cleric” Mark Pivarunas


Mr. Mark Anthony Pivarunas (born October 31, 1958) is a U.S. based sedevacantist (a claimant that the papacy is unoccupied by a legitimate Pope), so-called “bishop” and self-imposed “Superior General” of a sect of “Old Catholic” origin calling itself Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. As such, the sect has never had a direct apostolic link to the Catholic Church. Pivarunas and his so-called “clerics” didn’t have the necessary doctrinal training or spiritual formation to be able to read the old books so as to revive the faith after the debacle of the highly divisive Second Vatican Council. Instead, they settled for a rough and painfully counterfeit approximation. That is to say, CMRI has produced essentially a crude pantomime of the true faith.

Pivarunas is a proponent of sedevacantism, a position that holds the papacy is currently vacant; thus he is not in communion with the Holy See nor is he recognized as a bishop by the Catholic Church.

Pivarunas was born to Walter Pivarunas and an ethnic Italian mother in Chicago, Illinois. He has three brothers and a sister. In September 1974, he entered an “Old Catholic” sect calling itself Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen and took the religious name Brother Mary Tarcisius. Supposedly, he made his final profession as an Old Catholic “brother” on September 12, 1980, at CMRI’s headquarters at Mount Saint Michael in Spokane, Washington.

In early 1984, during a major scandal, four young male acolytes accused CMRI sect founder, layman, and self-proclaimed “bishop” Mr. Francis Schuckardt of sexual assault. Right around the same time a newspaper published an exposé that detailed abusive cruelty inside the compound, including severe beatings of children and one case where a child was fed rotten carrots and then made to eat her own vomit.

In May 1984, Mr. Pivarunas was among the organizers of a revolt against Mr. Schuckardt. On April 23, 1985, after some time without a clear leader, Mr. Pivarunas and other CMRI members met with so-called “Bishop” George Musey (an rogue, Thuc line so-called “bishop”), who agreed to make Mr. Pivarunas and two others “priests” on June 27, 1985. So-called “Bishop” Musey’s connections with Mount Saint Michael were limited after that.

The so-called “priests” concluded that, while it was important to dispense the Mass and sacraments, the condition of sedevacantism (Sede vacante, the empty papal see) in the Catholic Church gave them the opportunity to make up their own canonical rules and regulations. In August 1989, at the age of 30, Pivarunas convinced several of his CMRI buddies to name him “Superior General” of the CMRI sect.


Sometime, in 1991, CMRI members contacted another schismatic sedevacantist bishop from Mexico named Moisés Carmona, who offered, in exchange for a “generous donation,” to make Mr. Pivarunas a bishop without any formal priestly training, without any proper ecclesiastical formation, and without the normally-required papal mandate. On September 24, 1991, Carmona supposedly “consecrated” Mr. Pivarunas a “bishop” at Mount Saint Michael.

On November 30, 1993, Mr. Pivarunas, in turn, supposedly “consecrated” Father Daniel Dolan a “bishop” in Cincinnati, Ohio. On May 11, 1999, he also consecrated Martin Davila for the Sociedad Sacerdotal Trento to succeed Moisés Carmona.

Mr. Pivarunas currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska calling himself “Superior General” of CMRI and “rector” of the sect’s improvised Mater Dei Seminary there. Despite, his shady background, dubious history, and no formal seminary priestly training, the sect continues to allege that Mr. Pivarunas is somehow a “Catholic” bishop.

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  1. Supposing he was consecrated by Bishop Carmona and if Carmona was consecrated by Archbishop Thuc, then this Mark Pivarunas is a validly consecrated bishop. It’s called apostolic succession. Note, I said valid, not licit. Big difference.


    • You assume too much. There is credible testimony that Archbishop Thuc was not mentally competent, was taken advantage of and/or was deceived when he supposedly “consecrated” Mr. Carmona. Therefore, Mr. Carmona’s so-called “consecration” is not valid and so is Mr. Pivarunas’.


  2. And a happy Year of Mercy to you, too!


  3. Michael S says:

    That’s the gist of it. However you seem to forget about the Catholic Church’s acceptance of the validity of schismatic orders, i.e. “Old Catholic”. So Shuckardt was no layman, nor was he an Old Catholic if you want to get down to the grit of it… I doubt you care but whatever. Interesting twist, the man you recognize as “pope” is a layman! Paul 6 invalidated the so-called Novus Ordo rite of ordination by throwing out all the words required for a valid form! So old Franko is the first lay-antipope in history! A lot of firsts in this century. Oh, man this is just too good. The pot points the finger and calls the kettle black. Strange days we live in.


    • Michael, you assume way too much. There is credible testimony that Archbishop Thuc was not mentally competent, was taken advantage of and/or was deceived when he supposedly “consecrated” Mr. Carmona. Therefore, Mr. Carmona’s so-called “consecration” is not valid and so is Mr. Pivarunas’.


  4. Hunter Winn says:

    There is credible testimony as well to Bishop Thuc being competent and completely lucid at the time.


  5. Pat Last says:

    Archbishop Thuc is surely a saint! Can’t say the same for JP2 – the heretic who manifestly violated the very First Commandment of our Most High God on several occasions! Add to him-antisaints Paul666; John23 and several other Vatican 2 so called “saints”. To our misguided vatican 2 friends – “Having eyes, see ye not???” St. Mark 8:18


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