Join us in sharing our love
for the Traditional Latin Mass

Pondremos 1000 crucifijos por cada uno que quiten. Cristo vence. Cristo reina. Cristo impera.

Christus vincit. Christus regnat. Christus imperat.

Una Voce Miami, San Antonio Maria Claret Chapter, is the Archdiocese of Miami chapter of Una Voce America, the national association representing the United States within the International Federation Una Voce (IFUV), a highly respected international federation of associations, founded in Rome in 1966, faithfully committed to the universal restoration of Traditional Latin Mass, Gregorian Chant, and Sacred Polyphony in Catholic liturgy. IFUV is today comprised of national associations in over 30 nations on every continent.

Una Voce Miami, (“One Voice,” from the preface of the Most Holy Trinity), effectively provides faithful Catholics in the Archdiocese of Miami a formal canonical structure, the leadership, and the educational resources needed to promote love for the Traditional Latin Mass as codified by Saint Pius V and praised by Pope Benedict XVI as “a great treasure of the Church.” We proudly profess loyalty to His Holiness, the Pope; the Archbishop of Miami, Most Reverend Thomas Wenski; the Magisterium, Canon Law, and teachings of the Catholic Church.

Una Voce Miami members appreciate that Latin in the Mass and the Sacraments are a much-needed, dynamic, unifying force for the Church in these days of widespread confusion, division, and apostasy. Come! Join Una Voce Miami in this awesome labor of love to restore the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacramental rites. Let’s help the Pope universally restore the Traditional Roman Liturgy!

WHY NOT BELONG? Join and be blessed. Please send us your name, address, telephone, email, and parish name to unavocemiami@aol.com or print it out and send it with your free-will $50 annual voluntary offering by check or money order to:

Una Voce Miami Leadership Team
San Antonio Maria Claret Chapter
POB 350372, Miami, FL 33135

<<< Every member of the Church throughout the world has the right to worship God in the Traditional Latin Mass. Regardless of your personal preference, please support the right of those who wish to be faithful to Catholic Tradition! >>>

Want a clear idea of the serious problems with the much-debated New Mass?
Read “The Ottaviani Intervention: THE CRITICAL STUDY OF THE NEW ORDER OF MASS” here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=456269596794

Thank you for contacting us!

>>> The Mass of Tradition is the Mass of All Times;
it’s the Mass of the Present and the Future! <<<

For interviews, comments, or to belong, please contact us at:

San Antonio Maria Claret Chapter
POB 350372 | Jose Marti Station | Miami, FL 33135
786.286.8787  |  UnaVoceMiami@aol.com

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