The EXTRAORDINARY FORM is Not a Preference. It’s a God-Given Right!

> RECONCILE Yourself with Your Catholic Heritage

> RESPECT the Right of ALL Catholics to Worship in the Extraordinary Form

> REJOICE in a Liturgical Treasure of the Universal Church

The Mass of Tradition is the Mass of the Future!

Dear Fellow Catholic:  Pax et bonum! Peace and good!

Pope Benedict XVI’s historic Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum thankfully established that, as imitators of the Good Shepherd, bishops have the solemn duty to provide essential pastoral solicitude and fatherly care, as well as extend respect and protection for the canonical rights of all faithful Catholics worshiping in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

The issue must be understood by bishops as one of “meeting the essential pastoral needs of the faithful and respecting and protecting their fundamental canonical rights,” rather than as merely providing for what is all too often mistakenly viewed as a “liturgical preference.”

For millions of faithful Catholics, worshiping in the Extraordinary Form is not a matter of mere liturgical preference, personal taste or sentimental nostalgia. For them, it is a serious question of doctrinal prudence, fundamental rights, and, above all, informed conscience. As such, the needs and the rights of these Catholics demand from the local ordinary absolute pastoral attention, solicitude and respect.

Providing this most essential pastoral care to all faithful Catholics worshiping in the Extraordinary Form is, in fact, part and parcel of the ordinary parish ministry, rationally and properly understood. It is pastorally insensitive and disrespectful, not to mention extremely uncharitable and inconsiderate, for anyone in a position of authority in the Church, to deem this very essential pastoral care and respect as if it were another “unessential ministry.”

This reckless spin on the issue is simply unacceptable and unworthy of any self-respecting pastor. It is precisely the sort of spin that invariably provokes contempt for episcopal authority and leads, ultimately, to indifference or schism.

All the diocesan bishops of the United States must be educated to fully understand that regardless of the form of Mass they may prefer personally, Christian charity, basic fairness, fraternal respect and true fidelity to the Church’s Magisterium and Tradition, demand that they facilitate and support the inviolable right of faithful Catholics to worship in the Extraordinary Form of Mass.

The fidelity of Catholics to the Extraordinary Form is not a matter of taste, of whim, of preference, or of nostalgia. It is an issue of basic fairness; of pastoral solicitude; of spiritual reconciliation, of authentic unity with and respect for our Catholic Heritage and Tradition. It is also, and eminently so, a very serious matter of conscience.

As such, showing pastoral care, solicitude, and respect for the rights and needs of faithful Catholics worshiping in the Extraordinary Form is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the just and proper administration of a diocese. It is, simply stated, a non-negotiable matter!

We pray you find these observations useful. Feel free to call us for any further question or idea.

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Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!

>>> The Mass of Tradition is the Mass of All Times;
it’s the Mass of the Present and the Future! <<<

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